Cost Control, Visibility and Document Confidentiality

Saffery Champness chose Click Enterprise to secure all printed documents and gain full visibility of their print estate.


Saffery Champness already had a Print Management solution in place, but the solution had a few limitations. It did not support most of their printer estate, reducing the visibility of printing and producing poor utilisation reports. The previous solution also had a complicated user onboarding process and provided a very bad user experience.


Click Enterprise replaced the previous solution with SafeCom Enterprise, enabling all printers in the business to be tracked and to use a Card as a document release mechanism. The Enterprise deployment also introduced Master-Slave style servers so each site has its dedicated server allowing them to continue working if there is a network or WAN fault.


- Full visibility of the printer utilisation and associated costs
- Detailed reporting on user/department/office print spending
- Highly available infrastructure to avoid impact on productivity
- Document security and confidentiality assured by using a combination of Pull Print and Card release
- Reduced device management footprint, all printers, drivers and users in one easy to manage location
- Self-service portal and great user experience
SafeCom print management software puts an end to frustrating paper waste, rising print costs, lines and confusion at the printers, and lack of security. With a SafeCom print management solution, documents follow users to the printer of choice and can only be printed when users identify themselves. Typically a SafeCom solution cuts printing costs by 20% or more. In addition, a SafeCom solution is environment-friendly because it reduces paper and toner waste.